The Coffee 

We are passionate about all things Coffee and want to give you the best taste experience from Single Origins to the very best in Espresso Blends.  We will have Guest Coffee Roasters from around the World whose focus is not only in exquisite Coffee but also on the individual Farmers who grow the Beans.  We are starting off right here in Scotland, showcasing the very best Roasters our beautiful Country has to offer.

 Please check our Facebook page as well as the Website regularly to see who our Guest Roasters are.  


The Roasters

Williams and Johnson

Our new Guest Roaster  Williams and Johnson are based in Edinburgh and their passion is in sharing beautiful coffees. They think coffee is a very special treat and that every cup should be worth it...they sound like our kind of guys!  For them it's a pleasure to taste heaps of new harvest coffees from around the globe and build their offering out of only exceptional coffees, produced by people who really care.


Previous Guest Roasters:


Mr Eion

Sacred Grounds

Glen Lyon

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